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Welcome To My Home Page
Hi everyone, this site here is only temporarily while I construct a web page that actually looks good as opposed to this poxy piece of junk. I just want something that works at the moment. but Hopfully I'll be able to create something that has form and function and any other piece of techno-babble you can come up with.

Once I've got everything in place, and if I don't get into the course I have an application for at the moment. I'll be having to use this as a tool to get into an Arts - Multimedia course.
Site Updates
Ok, here is a list of the most recent updates that have occurred on my site:

15th July, 2003: Temp site officially launched with my first audio diary update.

Recent Topic Updates

About Me: 15th July, 2003
Audio Diary: 15th July, 2003
Photo's: 15th July, 2003

(it was too late in the morning to be bothered putting in those last three sections in case you were wondering why it all looks shit there. don't worry though, things'll be happening soon enough)
Who am I?
I'm a 21yo Male student living in Melbourne Australia who is currently in between courses. (hopeing like hell that I get into one this semester)

I'm 5'11" or 180cm with brown hair and eyes, fairly pale skin at the moment, but I'm thinking of going to a solarium. (don't even think about making comments about the health risks, personally I don't care because, as the saying goes, "you only live once")

Site Enhancement Plans
Anime: Coming soon
General Anime info, more specific stuff later on
Books: Coming Soon
Mostly Sci-fi and Fantasy, what I read basicly
Movies: Coming Soon
What I saw at the cinema, what I own on dvd
Adult: Coming Soon
Password protected section, access to 18yo+ only!

extra info on the above section supplied at a later date.
Email ME!